Please meet LEXIS, a young star in the making.

With her stunning voice, an alluring style and evident talent for penning as well as producing a great song, her latest single ‘Back to the start’, which is due to be released on October 13th, is set to be the start of a journey bound for the stars.

She takes her name from a derivative of the Greek word, ‘Lexicon’ meaning ‘of, or for words’, which holds relevance for the otherwise known West Midlands born singer-songwriter Kimya Tarr.

Born to Persian parents in Solihull in the 80’s, she grew up listening to a broad variety of music. LEXIS explains, “My childhood was surrounded by music, playing classical piano and guitar and raiding my parent’s vinyl collection, listening to bands like Queen, The Carpenters and Fleetwood Mac, not forgetting the Persian music. I later got into indie bands like Oasis and Muse.”

Her latest single ‘Back to the start’ is a unique blend of alternative pop with an East meets West sound, drawn from her heritage and early influences, essentially coming under the umbrella of ‘great music’.

LEXIS was destined at one point to be a doctor, having finished her medical training in Birmingham, however after winning a songwriting award judged by KT Tunstall and attracting A&R executives from Island Records and Warner Music, she enrolled at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London.

With some good honest gigging around Birmingham and London and working on an EP, LEXIS is going to make sure her decision to pursue music over medicine will heal and help the world more than the other way around.